1. We saw Llamas today!!!!


  2. bad-vibes asked: I've liked your facebook page for ages after I saw your concert photography (great by the way,) and I only realised you had a tumblr since last night!

    thank you amigo :) and thanks for finding me on here :)


  3. Anonymous asked: what is your favorite thing to take photos of?

    cats! meow


  4. Anonymous asked: Do you have any tips on how to become a good concert photographer? Like ways to get involved and camera use?

    just have fun every time you shoot!!! 


  5. woopsie-daizy asked: Hey dear, I've been following for a while and id just like to say your blog is to die for, would you mind taking a peek at my blog, ily xx

    ::))))))) thank you ::))))))

    Just did, followed back !!!! love your blog!! thank you for following and supporting my work! it really means a lot!

  6. Chantelle, 2014

    Good Friday adventures to Kinglake. Sometimes getting lost is pretty fun!


    Full editorial on Pilerats Magazine Issue15 out now on iTunes / App Store


  8. If we have a free weekend, we decide to go on a little adventure. We chose to visit one of our favorite places, somewhere memories have been built before; Werribee Mansion it was!!

  9. Dan Finn of POLOGRAPHIA, 2014

  10. Bronte Beach, 2014

  11. SLUMBERHAZE, 2014

  12. Bronte Beach, NSW

  13. Steph Schafer

    By Aleksandar Jason

  14. Behind The Scenes - Sinead III

    Blue Lake, Victoria

    By Aleksandar Jason

  15. My girl <3