1. Lunatics On Pogosticks, 2014

    Check out my image in your local The Music Magazine! 

  2. Lucianblomkamp, 2014

    not the best photo i’ve ever taken but thought id share this random moment shared with mr Lucian who is getting some big hits this year! check out his debut Album and make sure you just give the guy a listen!!!!

  3. Togetherapart, 2014

    By Aleksandar Jason

  4. Thanks Instagram! 

    Few weeks back i was featured as a suggested Instagram user, It’s such an honour to be recoginized by the team and to know my work has been noticed! Its true, hard work really does pay off!

    Thanks to all you for supporting me!

  5. I will be launching a Visual/Social Project next week!

    #lifethroughlight will be used to bring all photographers and image makers together, the hashtag itself is about using light to your best advantage. From silhouettes to sunsets, to reflections and shadows. Photography is about how YOU see the world!

    Follow it on Instagram //  http://instagram.com/lifethroughlight 

  6. I love my girl Chantelle! and being a little busy person she is, weekends are the best! I get to travel, roadtrip and explore the world around us with her.

    We recently drove towards the Dandenong Ranges, to a location she had found via social media. We got lost amongst these giants, walked a few kms and had a cute picnic within the mini forrest

  7. Jackson Thomas, 2014

    The man, the mystery. Jackson came 2nd on THE VOICE 2014. He had the one and only Ricky Martin as his mentor, and boy did this kid make everyone cry! was an honour to hang out with him! sorry for making your car dirty mate!

  8. Went on a little roadtrip with these 4 on Tuesday 9th September 2014.

    Jumped a fence, almost got hit by falling branches, drenched from head to toe! crew featuring Perth photographer Jarred Seng, his partner Amelie Satzger, The Voice finalist Jackson Thomas and Melbourne photographer Jackson Loria

  9. Another little moment I had in Sydney, walking through Hyde Park


  10. Anonymous said: Hey dude absolutely love your photos do u have any advice for young photographer starting out

    Thanks buddy! wish i knew who you were! 

    Basically, just have fun and do your best to BE YOU! enjoy photography

  11. Hyde Park, Sydney - 2014

    Visited Sydney the other week as I was on the mini East Coast tour with Swedish band LITTLE DRAGON. Walked around the streets, and I had to visit my favorite park! so glad i took this shot!

    AGFA400 vistaplus  |   35mm Contax t2

  12. Allday, 2014

    We visited the Melbourne Star at Docklands for a few images, which would be used for his upcoming release. A cover of “3005” by Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino

  13. Adventure time with Skyways Are Highways

  14. Another Wilsons Prom x Dean Rapahel

  15. A tiny Dean Rapahel

    Such a weird thing, seeing a buddy from Instagram that you have never met before in the same location as you!