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  3. Anonymous said: Hey dude absolutely love your photos do u have any advice for young photographer starting out

    Thanks buddy! wish i knew who you were! 

    Basically, just have fun and do your best to BE YOU! enjoy photography

  4. Hyde Park, Sydney - 2014

    Visited Sydney the other week as I was on the mini East Coast tour with Swedish band LITTLE DRAGON. Walked around the streets, and I had to visit my favorite park! so glad i took this shot!

    AGFA400 vistaplus  |   35mm Contax t2

  5. Allday, 2014

    We visited the Melbourne Star at Docklands for a few images, which would be used for his upcoming release. A cover of “3005” by Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino

  6. Adventure time with Skyways Are Highways

  7. Another Wilsons Prom x Dean Rapahel

  8. A tiny Dean Rapahel

    Such a weird thing, seeing a buddy from Instagram that you have never met before in the same location as you!

  9. Wilsons Prom, 2014

  10. Kevin x Past Present V

  11. Kevin x Past Present IV

  12. Kevin x Past Present III

  13. Kevin x Past Present II

  14. Kevin x Past Present I

  15. Acid Reign x Elliot V